Oblivion: A Roleplaying Game of Epic Proportions

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Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game review

Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion starts with an introduction of Uriel Septim VII in which he tells about his life as ruler of Tamriel. Afraid for the life of their king, the councilors have advised Emperor Uriel Septim to go into hiding for his safety. In his flight he passes by you and states that he recognizes you from his dream and he tells you that you have a great Destiny ahead of you regarding the wellbeing of Tamriel.

The adventure in Oblivion then starts with a quest to find Martin, Uriel’s lost and legitimate son. As you do so, you will journey through a beautiful land with many dark secrets to uncover.


You are the only thing that stands between the wellbeing of Tamriel and the gates of Oblivion.


There are ten playable races in Oblivion which all come with their own skill advantages and disadvantages. The character creation in Oblivion also offers many options to give your character a personalized look.

What is quite unique to Oblivion as a game is the broad class range. There is a total of 21 defined classes in the game. What makes Oblivion further unique is the ability to make a customized class in which you can set your own primary skills. Oblivion however does not restrict you from learning other skills as you go through the game.

The following are some examples of minor downsides to Oblivion:

  1. The controls in Oblivion which affect your gameplay may take some time to get used to, which can be temporarily frustrating. In the end though, this downside is minor and soon overcome.
  2. The inventory requires players to constantly have to scroll down to view all items stored in the bad which can be a minor annoyance.
  3. The recharging of magical weapons was also a little stressful in Oblivion due to the requirement to carry soul gems all the time or to have to spend wagonloads of gold to get them recharged.
  4. The biggest downside to Oblivion was the Oblivion gates in my honest opinion. They are graphically boring and dull-looking but this of course does not take away a single bit of epicness from the game.

Personal Testimony

Oblivion is one of the few games where it was difficult to stop playing it. The game Oblivion has many unique aspects which make the story in which you embark a truly magnificent and legendary experience.

The thing I loved most about Oblivion was the freedom given to me to move freely as I pleased. Every choice I made had an impact on how my Destiny would go in Oblivion and on how its people would react to me in the future. Oblivion has a really unique feeling to it because of this freedom. This is because it provides the ability to make your own story as you venture trough the lands of Cyrodiil.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is guaranteed to give several hours of enjoyable playtime. With the many mods and expansions out there nowadays the game is even more enjoyable and epic.

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wow that sound good think i gonaa try it but ty for the nice review


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